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We have automated and made a difference in how SME process their payrolls and structure work flows in Human Resource Departments. Human Resource (HR) module automates the human resource processes and helps the HR manage its employees effectively. The HR module maintains human resource information spanning the entire life cycle of the employee from induction through termination of employment. This module also keeps track of the employee’s qualifications, attendance records, performance evaluations and promotion history.

Key benefits

  • Organize jobs according to titles, minimum remuneration, increments among many other options .
  • Structure the organization according to flow of authority. It’s used to assign job titles to the relevant supervisor(s).
  • Register and maintain employee’s file in their life in the institution. It maintains records such as employee bio data, academic qualification, next of kin, dependants.
  • Maintain the institution payroll. It can accommodate payroll processing for both casual and permanent employees. It has payroll reports such as bank remittances.
  • The system has an integrated module for managing employee’s leaves.

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